Graphic design

My portfolio of applied graphics and graphic design consists largely of marketing materials for one company (dealing with the development, production and sale of medical devices), where I worked for many years as a graphic designer and marketing specialist. This work included management of corporate identity, creation of printed materials (flyers, catalogs, advertisements, etc.), online marketing, B2B, B2C, editing web pages, editing photos, collaboration to promote the company, creating creative concepts and visuals for marketing campaigns etc.

Thanks to many years of experience with DTP graphics and online marketing I can create graphic designs and prepare materials for their production or prepare them in the required format for online media. I will design and process your logo, business cards, unified visual style, flyers, brochures, posters, catalogs, banners, invitations, wedding cards, icons, animated gifs, prints, etc. You can contact me with professional photo editing as well.

A Hero of Our Time
Animal Farm
Animal Farm
graphic illustration
Venison sausages logo
Promo materials for World AI in Healthcare Summit
FB post for IVF clinic
Hair - poster