Wall painting is an excellent way of setting an atmosphere in pubs, cafes, offices and apartments, if only thanks to the dimensions of the work. During execution, I will follow your idea exactly and will help you achieve the intended effect.

For wall painting I use Remakol paints with binder. The painting consists of three layers - underlying, colored and final protective glazing. This makes it water-insoluble, can be done outdoors and is easy to maintain - just wipe the dirt with a damp cloth.

I learned this technique from my dad Pavel Cerman, who made a living by painting on the wall for decades and painted around a hundred pubs, restaurants and bars in Brno.

Morgan Super 3
gangster movies
Mia Wallace
Pulp Fiction
James Bond - Sean Connery
Nerudova street, Prague
Charles bridge, Prague
Zlatan Neymar Mbappe
Maradona & Messi World Cup
Lionel Messi
Medieval Prague
medieval old town square painting
Under water world mural
Under water world
painting on the facade
interior painting
interior painting
Venison sausages
mural - bikers